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08|23|07 - 16:02 - + some icons for you
hey! im adding some new icons, hope u like them ;)
comment if u like them. enjoy * NEWS inside ;]

08|23|07 - 16:01(no subject)

 + wanna get this effect?

08|08|07 - 21:56(no subject)
new icons by me
(thanks for commenting)


07|13|07 - 12:48 - N E W L A Y O U T ;
i just got new live journal layout, it is nice;)
tell me what u think !

welcome back, friends (;
04|04|07 - 11:39(no subject)
Hey again, i was in Reamonn concert.And it was amazing!
I'm soooo happy that they know Lithuania, and i just love Rea. All of them are soooo sweet :)
I love them all, it feel like they are your family members, becouse they are so nice...
Rea allways smiled at me and other, and weee, i got a drum stick :)))
I just love them all.
Amen . <3

03|28|07 - 16:37(no subject)
hey, welcome to my new LJ style, previuos was awfull, right?:))
so I'm putting old my icons, you can comment ;)

 icons. :

jessica simpson
ashlee simpson
christina aguilera


Big thank you for smokin_rabbit.

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